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Posted: 05 Mar 2007, 4:05 pm
by Accord98
OMG - i love ur Signature WTF! - VTAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehehehe :D

Posted: 05 Mar 2007, 5:51 pm
by mikeh
Accord98 wrote:OMG - i love ur Signature WTF! - VTAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehehehe :D
Look at the trq line!

Anyhow.. Tamu, 165k on a car from 2002/2003.. do you drive to Dubai? Keep in mind that engine swaps are good and clean, and will probably get your car passed without a problem. Still, maybe costs wise, you might, as GF said, get a type R. The engine, plus all labour and parts (i am thinking about some bolt ons: TB, ecu, ... ) will probably set you back a few thousad QAR's.

I don't wanna sound "naah.. get another car" and such.. but I'd suggest you to think how much you could get for your car and such. Maybe the money you get from it, plus whatever you would spend on an engine swap and labour and such.. you might be able to afford the Type-R.. just a thought.

Respect to qatar,

Posted: 05 Mar 2007, 6:22 pm
by Accord98
Look at the trq line!
lol i knew u were gonna get me on that :P - hehe - its still funny! lol :happy:

Posted: 05 Mar 2007, 10:50 pm
by BIG-T
ok b4 any1 gets confused here i am tamu...and i have to use to accounts bcoz i 4got my password for the tamu account which i use in the office and i use this account when i am at home...nways its confusing and stuff soo lets not get in2 it

nways yes u guys r rite that the k20a can b bolted on directly to my existing mounting....however what about the gear, clucth, ecu etc....will i be facing probs with my other parts in the car......

yes mikeh ur rite about analysing the situation...i have thought about it...but i am thinking y not..i want a show car...looks good, gots a good sound system, gots the lights, u no thos essential things...BUT I DONT GOT POWER....power is da main factor...last time i came 2 dubia i actualy found a engine was 4 25,000dhms....according 2 my mates in bahrain der like its frickin cheap, but unfortunatly i was low on cash....and yes mikeh i drove my car to dubia many times...but i cant anymore bcoz of the sad laws that have come out over here....mmmmmm......i duno guys i guess i got the information i wanted....o yea wots ES1???....i didnt get that!!!....some1 explain me that?!...

how about some alternative options like a civic hatchback..i read sumwere else where mikeh mentioned that gettnig a hathback civic with b16-18 engine swap and ripping out the interior will beat soarars on the track ???? that true??? :S ..didnt think civics can be that strong! :S .....soo tell me what u guys think...thanks brothers.....Salam

Posted: 05 Mar 2007, 11:33 pm
by Accord98
Tamu - yes Civics can beat Soarers on a track

Its pretty simple actually - buy a civic hatch (10-15,000AED) and replace it with a B16 (4,000AED) and then get some good suspension (2000AED) and the car is ready :o

About ur current car - swapping in a K20 is not as easy as it sounds. U will need to order special custom mounts from Hasport that cost around 2000AED (600USD). The engine, depending on whether u get a
K20A - Jap Spec 220hp
K20A2 - 200hp,
K20A3 - 160hp or
K20Z1 - 200hp
can cost u anywhere between 6,000-25,000AED.

Then to swap the engine u need to decide if u want to make it manual or keep it automatic like ur current setup. From what i understand, the auto trans from a D15 or D17 (the engine in ur Civic) - will work with the K20 engines. You need to get the ECU however to make the car run.
Some smaller parts are also needed - for example if u want power steering u will need to get some parts of a 92-94 Civic.
You will need to read more into it - but its not just a simple "drop in and it will work" - it also means u need a mechanic that is an expert in hondas ..... and he will probably charge u alot for it as well!

....but if u do it.... u will have one hell of a car ! :happy:

Posted: 06 Mar 2007, 12:25 am
by kingkenny
BIG-T wrote:how about some alternative options like a civic hatchback..i read sumwere else where mikeh mentioned that gettnig a hathback civic with b16-18 engine swap and ripping out the interior will beat soarars on the track ???? that true??? :S ..didnt think civics can be that strong! :S .....soo tell me what u guys think...thanks brothers.....Salam

in autoX , there is a lot of civic doing really well , some even at the top 10 compare with those evo !! they can be really fast !!

Posted: 06 Mar 2007, 8:53 am
by mikeh
BIG-T wrote:gettnig a hathback civic with b16-18 engine swap and ripping out the interior will beat soarars on the track ???? that true??? :S
Many people think that soarers and all are great and such. While they can be be tuned with relatively high HP numbers, it depends on what you want to do with it. Do you want to drag-race all your way, then yes, get a soarer. If you want to autoX or perform on a track, then the high power-to-weight ratio of the civic will perform better.

It's not just about power, it's about power to weight ratio. Why does an Ariel Atom performs so well, and does a 500hp truck takes 50 seconds to reach a 100km/h ?

Posted: 06 Mar 2007, 9:13 am
by albertho555
Hey Accord98, interesting topic ... though i havent a clue about this swap. heard its straight forward with mounts from Hasport. havent any experience or any idea about this.

K20 auto from Stream is available in Al Taif ... u might want to go check it out.

Posted: 06 Mar 2007, 10:04 am
by WTF
Yup !! that's the K20 am talkin about in AL Taif ...

There's also a K20 / Fresh S2k Engine complete with wiring harness, ECU, brakes, transmission, clusters, etc / 2 B18C Type R also complete ... afghan guy said its for 15k but he can lower it until 13.5k for the B18C in Al Saraya ...

Posted: 06 Mar 2007, 12:46 pm
by Tamu
Good stuff guys....its startin 2make sense to me....iv heard about this hasport mounting thing...alot of my friends in bahrain have told me about it.....anyways i will be comming to dubia on saturday INSHALLAH soo hopfully il get the chance to see all these engines u guys are talking about....unfortunatly every1 has told me not to put in a b18a engine in2 a Generation7 doesnt work properly....

how much would a civic hatchback cost with the b18a engine???..anyone got idea's?? it available?? it possible for me to take it back to qatar without any problems but keep the Dubia number plates???..bcoz i have seen many cars here in qatar owned by qatari's but have dubia plates???let me no what info you guys have got on this?!....

SOMETIMES I JUST WISHED I LIVED IN EMIRATES> guys have awesome cars!! :D ...

Posted: 06 Mar 2007, 1:18 pm
by mikeh
Tamu wrote:SOMETIMES I JUST WISHED I LIVED IN EMIRATES> guys have awesome cars!! :D ...
Apply for a job, why not. :)

Hope to meet up with you when you come over man, how long are you staying?

Posted: 06 Mar 2007, 1:31 pm
by Accord98
...Just wanted to ask if anyone has exact figures on the Hp and Torque Figures on 2003-2004 Honda Civic VTi's (D17 -1.7L)

...searched google and all i get is US versions. anyone know??

Posted: 06 Mar 2007, 2:21 pm
by Tamu
mikeh il be comming on saturday and will be staying till the 22nd!!...soo hopfully this time i am hoping to experience all this stuff you guys do, the meets, the cars....mikeh PM ur number so i can call you up bro....

and accord98 i think the civic ur talkin about gets like 140hourses..if i am correct!!!...

common guys back to topic...i need honda info asap!! :P

Posted: 06 Mar 2007, 2:29 pm
by Tamu
mikeh i can apply for a company is multi-national...our main office is in dubia on bank street (nbk building) is called ITS...i could shift to that office..i have thought about it...but then i dont wana be paying for rent n all :P ..i live wid my family here soo i save rent :P ...loool.....

nways back to topic :P ..

Posted: 06 Mar 2007, 2:43 pm
by Accord98
Sry Tamu - i somehow overlooked ur last post.

To be honest, u wont be able to get a Honda Civic with a B18 in it. There are only a few on the roads of Dubai (under 50 cars) and all the owners love them to death..... :wink:
These cars wont come cheap either - have heard that some hatchbacks with B18 Type R engines can sell between 30-50,000AED!

Basically u need to find the engine urself and do the swap urself. The car shouldnt be very hard to find .... u will need to look around for it though....

The engine is VERY hard to find! - Most of the engines that come to Dubai are sold before they even reach here. If u are lucky enough to find one in a good condition then the price is around 14-18,000AED. :(

If u are really up for more power and dont mind spending close to 10,000AED-13,000AED i would say go for the K20a3 engine swap. You will get 160hp out of it and a damn good engine with ALOT of potential to modify it in the future. The engine u can get in shrjah between 4-6,000AED with transmission - you may need to get the ECU seperately. However as discussed earlier - the swap into ur car is complicated.

I think you really need to ask urself - can i add that 10-15000AED and get a better car?

If the answer is Yes - dont do a swap, if the answer is No - then and only then consider it.

Otherwise if u want an even easier solution - buy a VTi engine - 1.7L and ur good for around 150hp. Add an intake and exhaust and you will be close to 160hp - thats as much Hp as an SiR engine! (B16)

hope that answers some of ur questions....