Radars in Dubai (General Information)

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Post by masabgt » 05 Dec 2008, 6:51 pm

What a surprise (after 8 month) when I entered Dubai from Abu Dhabi and honor drive by those radar by me while driving on Emirates road!

There after my question arise, what is the maximum speed limit? Is 140 km/h speed limit exist or reduced? Although Ii did 140 km/h and reduced to 120 km/h inbfront of the camera. And I read details now. Phew.

Nothing as yet on Dubai police fine inquiry though. Just double checking.

Waiting for your replies.

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Post by Eleanor » 05 Dec 2008, 6:58 pm

lol dont trust this cop site....
it showed me nothing to - n at the time of registration - i paid like 1500Dhs on wht i dont know

SD -

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Post by Dirksqjaw » 11 Dec 2008, 2:59 pm

Speed cameras are a tax, simple as that. Speeding isn't the problem, reckless driving is. Until they devise a camera that can ticket people tailgating, passing on hard shoulders, multiple lane changes/weaving through traffic, in other words... unless they can develop a robotic police officer that has the same ability to seek out and fine those who are TRULY making the roads a dangerous place, all they are doing is collecting revenue and not doing anything about public safety.

What they need to do is police the roads. A dedicated traffic division who's sole job is to find the types of drivers as noted above and deal with them as necessary.

No amount of cameras and technological gadgets can replace a traffic cop in effectiveness. Until then, all we're doing is just getting taxed.

I've two tickets on my license for doing 31k+ on al wasl road and I guarantee you that just didn't happen. That means I was doing 111 minimum, and that's just flat out not true. But what are my ways of arguing that? Hah, none. Toe the line, pay my tax, and move on.

C'est le guerre.


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Post by hater999 » 11 Dec 2008, 3:29 pm

So true, Well said Dirk.
Thats a great idea!

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Post by mikeh » 30 Jan 2009, 9:33 pm

Hi Dirk,

You can ask for pictures for these offenses. Camera's are for offenders, not for taxes. Taxes paply for everybody, like Salik, not for people who cross the lines.

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Post by Neo » 30 Jan 2009, 10:59 pm

thats better mike...
Sounds more clearer.

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Post by Daveindubai » 07 Feb 2009, 9:18 am

Hi All

Work in AUH and live in Dubai Marina so I encounter these every morning and night.

Whilst the speed is supposed to be 120 k's I cruise control at dead on 140 k's (between Marina and the border - after this you can do 160 k's all the way to AD) and have not had a single ticket doing this.

On the odd occassion I have also hit the gas for few seconds to get in fron tof someone (so my avergae is high than 140 ) and no ticket -I assume they have not implemented the averaging feature yet.

Have a G37S which I have had for 3 weeks and picked up a couple of fines before I just used CC on 140 there and.

In a nutshell 140 on an accurate cruise control will ntoo get you a ticket - I HAVE seen a couple of people inch past at slighter higher with no flashes but I am nto pushing further than this!


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Post by wek-236 » 07 Feb 2009, 9:50 am

mikeh wrote:Hi Dirk,

You can ask for pictures for these offenses. Camera's are for offenders, not for taxes. Taxes paply for everybody, like Salik, not for people who cross the lines.

good to see you in the forums again Mikeh

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Post by SALSABOI » 07 Feb 2009, 4:33 pm

Speed cameras calculating your average speed and then ticketing you is a nice fairytale story. They work like how the old cameras do. I travel from Ajman to Sufoh everyday and back via Emirates Road. Seen it and done it. But I'm sure one day I'll be unlucky, lol!

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Post by .Zohair » 29 May 2009, 4:37 am

This is why I hate driving in Dubai and love it in my Abu Dhabi! It's just wonderful to hit 160 KMPH on AUH-DXB highways and not getting clicked by the radar, though we must always maintain a safe distance from the cars in front of us and should drive with great safety in general especially on highways where the traffic pace is very fast.

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Post by Idrift » 19 Sep 2009, 6:20 am

a7med wrote:I did it on my bike, when i had it, i had a fender eleminator kit, and customised it with a choke cable thats easily accessible from the front side of the bike near the handles and it would retract the plate number under the seat, i used often for salik.
hahaha you are a legend!!

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Post by shaaq » 21 Mar 2010, 8:46 pm

Thanks Neo for the information, but somethings stated in the picture are just over boosted by the Dubai police to 'scare' reckless drivers (including me). OR maybe these radars have the ability to carry out all the function but are not used by the dubai police.

For example capturing a violator form a distance of 150-200m.
Tried and tested (by me)
sometimes on emirates road I speed up to 160-180 and say roughly 50-100m before the radar I hit the brakes.

Calculating average distance between radars, again its too much work for the radar for each single car.
Tried and tested as well :D
Didn't work for me when I did radar to radar boosting.

Using mobile phones, lane changing, seat belt.
It can only be tracked IF you are flashed.

Yellow lane, multiple lane change and tail gating (only if a cop patrol sees you).

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Post by shaaq » 21 Mar 2010, 8:53 pm

reading the past posts NOW i feel what i JUST said has been told before :D
Sorry peeps.

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Post by daarklord » 29 Jun 2010, 5:00 pm

Dubai radars are still 140 (up until a bit past Dubai Marina Mall. it's 120 going into the city from there). I usually speed up to 150-160 after a radar then air/engine brake 200m before the next radar and I'm fine even when the speedometer says 145 (I'm not going to try any faster than that. If you want do know, YOU do it and report back please! :D)

Abu Dhabi radars are still 160 last I checked. There are also a lot of police ambushes nowadays (and I mean a LOT. I see one almost every time). There are also new overhead radars in the city on 30-street, which I know absolutely nothing about. If anyone knows what direction they are pointing (front of car, back of car, super-duper-x-ray-3d-license-plate-scan of car??) and how much the limit is please post.

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Post by hk20 » 01 Jul 2010, 7:12 pm

Ya i have seen those overhead radars, seen it usually on emirates road. Its actually a cop with the camera holding on top of the bridge. It takes the backside shot of your car is what i guesses by the way he was standing and holding. No idea about the limit though

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