A/C Leak Detection Place + Refill (Umm Ramool/Al Quoz)

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Post by Ozimandius » 28 May 2014, 10:03 am

Hi All,
I've seen a couple of places with special offers/vouchers for A/C gas refilling and A/C leak detection but they're all full till next week and I can't wait that long.

Are there any reliable places in Umm Ramool/Rashidiya that can check my car for A/C Leaks, resolve these issues and refill the gas at a decent price? I prefer going to Umm Ramool rather than Al Quoz but in case there are no proper shops in Umm Ramool, Al Quoz will do. I live in Sharjah so I'm fine with Ghusais too or anything on E311.

Came across the following offers and they seem reasonable enough, but they're all fully booked:

http://www.cobone.com/deals/auto-dubai/ ... cing/31323

http://www.yallabanana.com/deal/Dubai/g ... upgastopup

http://www.kobonaty.com/deal/quick-fit- ... ring/1215/

http://www.dealgobbler.com/dubai/others ... 4V7DPmSzft

Bought a SUV and it was blowing freezing cold air until it stopped suddenly and now simply blows cold air at the lowest setting and doesn't cool properly. It could be a leak or it could just be low on gas.

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Post by Alpha » 29 May 2014, 6:11 pm

Those are pretty good deals actually. If you can, I'd suggest you wait for an appointment with Gargash.

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Post by Ozimandius » 01 Jun 2014, 12:04 pm

Thanks Sam. Problem is, I wasn't willing to wait as I needed the car this week and went ahead with Speed Fit (they're owned by Habtoor).

And here's my experience:

So I went to Speed Fit on Saturday for my A/C Leak Detection and re-gas and all I can say for starters is that they should be avoided. They're disorganised and after waiting for 1 hour, I was told the job would take another two hours as the process is long but miraculously it was done after 1.5 hours.

When I had originally made the booking over the phone, they said that the leak test would involve the evaporator, the condenser and all pipes. Now they said they couldn't check the evaporator as it would involve removing the dashboard which could cost AED 1000 or more.

When I finally drove the car out of their garage, the A/C felt exactly how it was before I brought it to them...crappy. They then re-gassed the A/C a couple of times and said that there could be some blockage, and there could be an issue with the A/C expansion valve, the condenser or the evaporator or all three. They were very vague because they weren't sure of the exact problem.

What do you expect from Al Habtoor?

So the A/C is okay now, but still not the way it was when I bought the car. Apparently, it's a known issue with Ford Edges/Lincoln MKXs to have weak A/Cs but there's no recall issued as it's not safety related.

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