Brand New Phoen For sale for 300AED and for 250AED CHECK IT

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Post by DjSooN » 09 Oct 2012, 2:52 pm

Hi Guys,,

Today I am selling brand new Phones which has the nokia operating system. those phone are rapidly being bought in the UAE community. so i am bringing them directly from the factory which will cost me much much less and in return i can sell them much much cheaper than any one else.

1) A big phone - Specs : Excellent Signal power, the batteries lasts for 7days in use Excessively and 2 months stand by, pppl use this phone in the desert mainly where the signal of other phones are usually weak,
2) a small Phone - specss : Same thing but of course the batteries last little bit less than the big one.

both has bluetooth, camera, radio, memory card place, loud speakers, most importantly 2 Sim CArds and it has all the basics that suppose to be in a phone. it is easy to use cuz all of us know how to use nokia.

The big one is for 300 AED and the small one is for 250 AED,,, ppl aer selling it crazily at 800 and 700 !!!!!! for me, i get them cheap and sellthem cheap SO i will be benefited as well as other ppl. !

Call me if you are interested : 050/2233839

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