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Vehicle: 2014 Range Rover sport supercharged

Post by Sahool1255- » 25 Apr 2017, 4:41 pm

Range Rover sport supercharged 2014 Vs X5 M 2016
I was crusing close to Maharba road I found a brand new X5 M accelerating in front of me he moved to a signal I followed him accelerated to the next signal were he noticed me so we were side by side now waiting the signal to turn green, he lowers the window tells me my RR is a great car bit he already beat the SVR I told him I am probably more experienced then the guy he beat. He puts his car on sport + while I switched to sport mode enabled dynamic and removed traction when the signal was close to opening I started reving up signal opens thanks to an amazing launch I propel myself to first place and the nose of his car is by my front door we reached 80km/h coz there was traffic in front I directly took a right turn and gave a salute any speed higher or rolling start and would have won Skill > Car

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