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Post by 66minutesm6 » 16 Jul 2013, 7:23 pm

Good afternoon,

My name is Leslie and I'm a french tv journalist working in Paris, France.

I am directing tv stories for a program called 66 minutes and broadcasted every sundays at 5.30 pm on M6 tv channel.

It's a very serious show. We broadcast five 13 minutes reports every sundays.

Mine will deal with street and desert racing in Dubaï.

I'd like to meet and interview :

- garages who modify car engines for their clients to take part in street or desert races ?
Is that legal to do that in Dubaï?

- I'd like to meet guys who organize illegal street and desert races with luxury cars as Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc...
Do you know them? Can you help me with contacting them?

- I'd like to get in touch with garages who modify luxury car engines as Ferrari. Do you have a name or a number ?

Many thanks in advance for your answer,

Hope to hearing from you very soon,


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