YAS Drag Night, 29 Oct

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Post by Alpha » 26 Oct 2015, 11:18 am

YAS Drag Night


Date: 29th October 2015, Thursday
Time: 6.00PM to 11.00PM
Venue: YAS Marina Circuit
Location: Click here

AED 30 Spectator
AED 300 Participants
AED 150 Golden Pass
AED 200 VIP Pass

- All Vehicles must go through technical inspection.
- Sunroof and windows to be closed during the race and not to be open in any circumstances.
- No spectator allowed in PIT Lane area or burnout area except the drivers and their crew.
- Organizers have the right to withdraw any participate or attendee in the case of any rule violation.

- Speed Limit in the PIT Lane is 20 KPH.
- No burnouts or launch test are allowed anywhere except in burnout box.
- No cars allowed to park at the entrance of the Drag Centre.

Rules & Regulations:
- All Drivers should have valid driving licenses.
- All Participants must sign waivers and get wristband with defined colour code.
- All drivers must wear a helmet.
- Wear clothes covering your arms and legs.
- Closed toe shoes only - Soft soled shoes are recommended, no sandals or high heels allowed
- For none street legal cars, driver should wear fireproof racing overalls approved by FIA
with fully covered shoes.
- All participants should respect the rules and any insults or disrespect may lead to removal of
the premises without refund.
- All drivers should wait beside their car until completion of the technical inspection.

18:00 Gates Open
18:00 Vehicle Inspection Started
18:00 Start Vehicle registration
18:00 Drag Night event start
18:00 200 meter Open Drag
18:00 400 meter Open Drag
18:00 Break
18:00 Resume 400 meter Open Drag
18:00 Close Vehicle Inspection
18:00 Close Vehicle Registration
18:00 Gate Closed and event finish

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