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Vehicle: Team Saluki Buggy
Engine: Honda 3,500 cc V6 V-Tec
Engine Oil: Castrol
Total Kms: 7,570

The Team Saluki buggy is a space frame 2WD mid-mount engine which has been designed to compete in off-road endurance events such as the Dakar Rally. It is powered by a Honda J35A5 270 HP V6 which operates constantly at between 5,750 and 6,250 rpm (upper rev limit) driving the rear wheels via a Sellholm 5 speed sequential gearbox.

Since the arrival of the buggy in the Emirates in 2008, Castrol Oil was substituted for the oil used previously as the oil had performed with excellent results in the previous rally car (4.8 L V8 Land Rover Defender). The buggy has undergone various testing with regards to the cooling system in order for it to cope with the high temperatures experienced in this part of the world (ambient temperatures of 50 degC). Previously the buggy was used in Africa and Europe where the temperatures were considerably less and thus the cooling was not as critical.

The Honda engine (normally found in the Honda Pilot / Odyssey) has to constantly perform at the upper limits of its rev range and despite extremely high temperatures recorded with regards to the coolant (118 degC) and engine oil (130 degC) during the testing phase, it was noted that the Castrol oil maintained the required oil pressure even at the upper temperature limits. The oil was drained and submitted for analysis a number of times and was always found to be in a good condition.

The recent Ha'il Rally held in Saudi Arabia in January (where Team Saluki achieved a 2nd Overall position) once again proved that the Castrol lubricant was the right choice.

The buggy will be re-powered during the summer of 2009 with a Lexus 4.3 L V8 engine and the intention is to continue to utilise the Castrol oil due to it's capabilities to withstand the arduous conditions experienced in Desert racing.

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