Tuning 350z roadster AUTOMATIC gearbox

ECUs, intakes, turbos, fluids, transmissions, exhausts etc.
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Post by EliteTuning » 27 Jul 2008, 10:46 pm

LawCarvelli wrote:Hi Elite Tuning,

what sort of power gains could I expect from reprogramming the ECU? what sort of cost could I expect. I'll google them both and have a look. Would this cause me any issues with the Police or renewing my registration in the future?

The cost is upto a $1000.http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=35 ... management. When you have modifications done, you will gain power from runing a proper air/fuel mixture along with ignition timing. Hope that helps

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Post by LawCarvelli » 27 Jul 2008, 10:57 pm

THi Elite Tuning, this could be the answer I'm looking for. A small step into the tuning world...

Apparently I can get gains of around 40bhp which is better than nothing and apparently only takes 30 mins to install with no cutting or soldering etc.. Unless any of you can think of anything else I will probably give this a try.

Seems like something that even I could easily install and remove if need be. I'll just stick to the standard map that it comes with it to be on the safe side.
Thanks for the info.

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Post by stone-head » 28 Jul 2008, 7:56 am

if u run a standard map on what ever ECU , u will gain nothing .
HKS F-con is a powerful ECU yet very expensive compared to others &
only certified engineers can program it & squeeze the best out of it
so only very very few know about F-con here .
stick with a piggy back like greddy e-manage ultimate or what suits u ,
if u insist on upgrading ur car & dig a deep hole in ur pocket then just
install a decent air filter , plenum spacer , headers , exhaust & then
re-flash it's ECU or fit in a piggy back , all these can be done in 1000dunes
, lap57 , future , ( & that garage where Mario is but I forgot it's name )
just to name a few garages , their contacts & a few examples are published
in top performance magazine .
to read further more & educate ur self more about real hard core modding
then stick with magazines such as , Turbo , Sport Compact Car , Banzai ,
Auto Saloon etc... I myself never miss a turbo magazine , it's very informative
& u can read about proper project cars , plus they are all competing in castrol
syntec engine competition , keep an eye on that 8)

just read , read & read more , thats it (Y)

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Post by RasHooD » 28 Jul 2008, 9:02 am

mario - subzero garage...

And believe me, he IS a magician with MoTeC!


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Post by Tamu » 28 Jul 2008, 9:30 am

K.I.S.S --> Keep It Simple Stupid -- my teacher would always tell me this in uni whenever he would try to get me around the logic behind programming. I've come to realize that KISS is useful in every part of your life...

Now if you really like your Z and you think you are not ready for the porche then try out the following:

Exhaust/headers: the engine becomes more efficient when it can release exhaust air out of the car quicker then stock oem exhaust, this improving performance and increasing HP. Brands you can look into for this are stillen, borla, nismo. Note, by increasing the size of the exhaust, it makes the car louder. Since you own a Z there is less chances of getting in trouble by the cops and registering the car.

Intake: again same concept as the exhaust but instead you are increasing the air going into the engine this time. the more air the car takes in the more HP is gained. Again a intake makes quite a bit of noise once you slam the accelerator, but bcoz you got a sports car most cops wont bug you for it and in inspection the inspectors might/usually ignore it. Brands you can look into are aem and K&N

I think for now thats all you need, dont jump to things like turbo's and cam's, pistons and what not. Without thorough knowledge of how they work, its better to avoid them rather then get stuck with them because some arm chair "EXPERT" told you it would be the best thing to do. Avoid things like tuning the ECU and piggybacks. Yes they offer the best bang for the buck, BUT everytime you want to upgrade to something better you will have to re-tune the ecu which gets expensive and annoying. once you go big with turbo's and cam's and all those other things then you can go ahead and tune that BIATCH and rip apart the roads.

once you start getting used to the power mod's you will want to corner better and stop faster, and that means new coilovers, strut bars better brakes etc etc.....but lets leave that for another day...one thing at a time

there is alot for you to learn my friend and you have came to the right place. Read up on some of the stuff we have got in the engine forum and I am sure you will start to understand more about cars and modifying them...

and as for a small project car, well you can get into it, there are alot of guys here on the forum that have small project cars most of them civics. there is a nice one for sale for ADJ, you might want to check it out and give it a shot as a project car, its a awesome platform car to work on and a good car to start and learn from!!!


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Post by TNT » 28 Jul 2008, 3:54 pm

Keep the Z stock, get a cheap old Civic or something and tune it. It'll help you learn more. The Z is your daily driver, you can't afford to make any mistakes with its modifications.
Once again, get an old car, preferably a Civic and learn from it.

Or you could just earn some money, sell the Z and get yourself a 911. I recommend this the most as it'll mean guaranteed peace of mind. Plus if somebody asks you what car you got, you can proudly say Porsche instead of Nissan or Honda :P

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Post by monodose » 28 Jul 2008, 4:48 pm

TAM auto Engineering, check them out at the Dubai Investment Park

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Post by LawCarvelli » 03 Aug 2008, 1:36 pm

Thanks for all your input guys. In London for a week but when I get back plan to do something one way or another. I'll post my results!

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Post by 350zdj » 02 Sep 2008, 9:38 am

ey man. another Z owner here.

I've meet a couple of expat guys already that tried registering their boost-modded vehicles but were very unlucky.

Best route is to go N/A and get your car on a diet.

Here are the steps you can do:
1. Intake plenum spacer - gets you about max 10whp (EVOLVE Shop can help you with this)
2. Unorthodox 3pc light pulley set . they help you gain about 7whp. again, try evolve
3. Cold Air intake, high flow exhaust.
4. if you got some more extra cash, get some good TEST PIPES, AAM Y-Pipes. Go for CRAWFORD headers.
5. after all of the above mods, then u can get a tunable ECU. Research from the net which one you prefer the best.
6. get racing oil, iridium spark plugs
7. Get it tuned, and then go to the dyno guys to have your Z dynotuned.

lastly, get your Z on a diet.
since your Z is a drop-top, it makes her heavy as a well-fed grandmama.

-you may want to start off with racing seats.
-NOTE: the hood is already made of aluminum material and it's already light.
-if u had a coupe, CF rear hatch wouldve been the best.
-get lighter, wider rims. wider rims lets you install wider rubbers thus getting you off the line quicker. research first before investing on a good set of rims and rubbers.
-think of anything that you can replace with CF :D

Z's A/T gearbox aint that bad as people say. it shifts super quick, slightly more torque, it's reliable and it's not significantly slower than the M/T.

another VEEERY important thing you need to upgrade will be ofcourse - SKILLS!

good luck

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