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Post by TryllZ » 18 May 2013, 3:06 pm

Hi all,

So I have 2006 Civic FD Asian Edition.

I see the following as problems and I dont understand if replacing them will be a solution or getting it repaired.

1. The plastic frame on the windscreen is off the wind screen and wont sit on it along with the plastic that ison the fender, loose, probaly due to heat, links: ... astic.jpg/ ... astic.jpg/

2. The plastics by the triangle glass just next to the Side view mirror, is also loose and seems might just fall off someday, links: ... astic.jpg/ ... astic.jpg/

3. The Rubber on the sides of front Wind screen is like worn out and is off its position, links: ... jpg/%u00A0 ... astic.jpg/

4. When we open the door, where the plastic meets the door, the bottom part of the door has worn out paint and something cream is visible, either its the paint that is falling exposing the original color or its being eaten up by nature, links:

5. The hinge where the rear trunk opend & stay up, the passage there is rusty, how do I fix it, repaint or some other fix is there, links: ... ssage.jpg/

6. The plastic strips the run on the roof both sides are loose as well, links: ... astic.jpg/

The agency is charging around $800 for most of the plastic fixes

What is the best solution to get it fixes before it falls off while driving

Is not understood, please view the attachment.

Thank You
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Post by Mr.HacKeR » 19 May 2013, 3:08 am

I think all of this is due to the heat/ direct sun heat and moisture.. I think you can visit some shops in the Industrial area in Sharjah for easy/ cheap fixes. As for the rust, maybe rust proof paint could solve the issue.. Try contacting some detailing shops, sorry I could not be of more help.

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