October Meet

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Post by the_dazz » 01 Oct 2006, 7:42 pm

hi allllllll

i wanna ask u guyz where is da next meet ? buz i missed da maga meet in da lest week

so tell me da next meet

EDIT : under this thread, Please Provide Suggestions about the next upcoming meet! :) --- (thanks Dazz for starting it Up) :)

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Post by mikeh » 01 Oct 2006, 9:58 pm

the_dazz wrote:(thanks Dazz for starting it Up) :)
Lol, do you talk to yourself? Gets lonely after a while...

Sam was thinking about diong another mega meet, since there wasn't much "mega" about the last one..

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Post by Alpha » 02 Oct 2006, 12:24 am

Moderators will post up the official information regarding our next meet.