A/C Compressor wont kick in !

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Post by blufade » 22 Jun 2014, 8:23 am

I drive a 2007 Honda Civic LXi. the A/C compressor stopped working all of a sudden. The clutch would not engage. When I switch on the AC, the condenser fan turns on, but the compressor doesn't , not even a click. So I did some diagnostics of my own :
1.) With the car running and the AC on, i checked if there is power being fed to the compressor clutch ( used a multimeter to to check the male connector feeding the clutch, its mounted on top of the alternator). There the plug is live .
2.) Next thing i check is for continuity across the clutch coil, result was disappointing, no continuity.

now the only thing that's in between the coil and the plug is the thermal protector, its a pain in the @SS to get to it.

What i need help with is,
1.) Negotiate with Al futtaim to change the thermal protector and/or the clutch at the max. Is this even possible ?!?,
2.) If the above option is near impossible, any suggestions on garages who has a reputation working with civics ?

Thank you

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